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We’re a highly collaborative and supportive team, coming together to ensure our students get the very best result.

Our staff has committed to exceed PATH’s requirements of continuing education to retain their PATH credentials and to provide optimal quality of services.

Rhythm of the Rein, Therapeutic Horsemanship in Marshfield Vermont

Dianne Lashoones is Rhythm of the Rein’s founder and program manager.

Dianne has over 45 years of experience as a licensed physical therapist along with 20+ years of experience as a PATH certified therapeutic riding instructor (CTRI). She also has a lifetime of professional equine related experience in breeding and training

Libby at Rhythm of the Rein, Therapeutic Horsemanship in Marshfield Vermont

Libby Hale

Libby has been a licensed physical therapist assistant for over 30 years.She is a PATH Certified Therapeutic Riding Instructor and an AHA (American Hippotherapy Association) Level II hippotherapy practitioner. She is also the local region’s only PATH Registered Therapist in Hippotherapy.

Rhythm of the Rein, Therapeutic Horsemanship in Marshfield Vermont

Beth Belote

Beth discovered a love for horses at an early age and  started volunteering with Rhythm of the Rein in high school. She attended Colorado State University and Casenovia College where she earned her Bachelors of Professional Studies in Business with a specialization in Equine Business. Rhythm of the Rein asked her if she would help them start a therapeutic driving program to add to their services. Beth  is now a PATH intl. level one therapeutic driving instructor.

Rhythm of the Rein Program and Instructors Win Governor’s Award

Rhythm of the rein therapeutic riding program and its instructors Dianne Lashoones and Libby Hale received the governor’s award for professional of the year at the Brain Injury of Vermont Annual Conference in Burlington, Vermont.  One of Rhythm of the Rein’s client organizations, PRIDE SUPPORT SERVICES, with input from their riders and staff, had written a letter nominating them. We think the nominating letter is every bit as much the award as the award itself


Nominating Letter from Pride

Pride Support Services would like to nominate our friends at Rhythm of the Rein Therapeutic Horseback Riding Center for professional of the year.

Many of our organizations services recipients have been riding for almost 6 years.  Each person loves and looks forward to their time at the farm with Dianne and Libby, they are such open, enthusiastic and wonderful people!!  When someone comes to ride, even if they are in a wheelchair or use a walker they don’t see people who cannot get on a horse they see each person as an individual!  They don’t worry that someone might not be able to ride a horse they figure out how they are going to get on and ride, to them nothing is impossible.  It is very difficult to explain how it feels to be free and moving when riding, but it is an exhilarating experience that they provide.  The horses at the farm are gentle and strong they make each person feel their own personal power and helps them to believe they can do anything that they set their minds to in their life.


It is incredible how when someone believes in you, you start believing you can do anything and you see the impossible as achievable. We think that is why Dianne and Libby started their program, they want everyone to feel the way they make the survivors at Pride feel.

Pride Inc Support Services

Pride Support Services:
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