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The Experience

Im not afraid of storms, for I’m learning to sail my ship.Louisa May Alcott

How Kyler Quelch finds his own rhythm behind the reins
We wish to thank Michael Woodward for producing this film clip profiling one of our riders. Watching him and listening to his mom brings all our works and beliefs to life. Meet Kyler, an amazing young man…

“The Experience” for Riders at Rhythm of the Rein

Our daughter, Stella, was diagnosed with an autism spectrum disorder shortly after her second birthday. Stella also had significant gross motor delays. I had done some research on many therapeutic interventions for Stella. I knew very little about therapeutic riding but was excited to find Water Tower Farms. I called Diane Lashoones and she was so informative, knowledgeable, and compassionate. She promptly sent me information and we set up an initial appointment for Stella before her third birthday.

Prior to starting therapeutic riding Stella could not walk across a room without falling. Stella went to two therapeutic riding lessons and never fell again. The strength that she gained was amazing! Therapeutic riding has been a part of Stella’s life for over six years. The integrity of the Rhythm of the Rein program is remarkable. The staff and volunteers have embraced Stella and have celebrated her milestones and have supported her when she had setbacks. Stella used to want to get off the horse before her session ended, now she cries when her session is over. She is so excited to go ride and she runs out of the car and into the barn. We are so thankful for what Rhythm of the Rein has not only given Stella, but our family as well, and we would be happy to discuss our experience with other families.
~ Lisa and Daniel Howarth

Our son has grown so much from his experiences from Rhythm of the Rein! Not only has he made huge strides in his motor coordination, muscle tone, and self-awareness, but his confidence and self-esteem have vastly improved!

The patience and warmth of the staff and the wonderful horses has made physical therapy not a chore, but an activity that he always looks forward to.
~ Margaret

I cannot think of anything better for my son to experience than connecting with Ellie May, being with horses, helping out in the stable, and even getting a blue ribbon in competition. Thank you for making this possible!
~ Karen Schwartz

Many of our hippotherapy clients “graduate” to the therapeutic riding programs. Some of our riders have gone on to become program volunteers as well.

Accept challenges so you may feel the exhilaration of victoryGeneral George Patton