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Hippotherapy services

While hippotherapy services may be covered under private and state insurance programs, payment for services rarely equals the cost of those services. There often is a lack of funding for individuals/families seeking therapeutic riding services that do not fall under the hippotherapy classification. That leaves a large financial void and consequently those individuals/families have to personally pay (if they can), forego such services, or rely upon the generosity of individual donors, of which we hope you are one.

“A society will be judged by how it treats its smallest members.” -Harry Truman

If you would like to show your support for our special needs riders, you may do so by printing out our donation form from the link below and sending it in to us with a donation. If you prefer, you may also make an online contribution via Paypal, by following that link, also noted below. Each year we ask the community and area businesses to help support the program. We operate year round, and despite the use of volunteers and the reduced fees for the instructors and therapists, the average cost, including the significant costs associated with the board and upkeep of the horses to support one rider for a year is just under $2,500.00.

“There is nothing as good for the inside of a man as the outside of a horse.” -Will Rogers

Please consider becoming a member of our monthly giving program. By enrolling, you’re contributing to a steady source of income, which allows us to plan future program growth.

Other Donations can be made at the following levels:

  • $15 -$25 Supporter
  • $26 -$50 Friend
  • $51-$100 Good Neighbor
  • $101-$300 Bronze Sponsor
  • $301-$500 Silver Sponsor
  • $501 and up  Gold Sponsor

Donate through PayPal – Easy, Safe, Secure

Or download a printable donation page: DONATION PAGE





          Primmer, Piper, Eggleston & Cramer

      Community national bank


    PLATINUM Sponsors

John Primmer

Ann Mills

Dr. & Mrs. Jack Fruchtman

Gladys Thompson

Gene & Jane Sevi

Passumpsic Bank

GOLD Sponsors

William & Kathryn Piper


SILVER Sponsors

Denise Deschenenes

Paula Kitchel

Cody Chevrolet

BRONZE Sponsors

James & Susan Gallagher

Vt. Captive ins. Assoc.

Dr. Lindsay & Pat Hunt

John Coffin

Cassandra (Laskey) Coakley, dds.

Wm dDegler & Linda Normandeau

Paul & Christine Bengtson

James & Catherine Wheeler

Elijah & Lisa Emerson

Dick Chase

Amy Wheeler & Barry Fudim

Rich & Mary Tousignant

Virginia Wheelock

Mary Cobb

Brian Barley

Cheryl Bell

Robert Holmberg

Leonard Crouse

Sara St. Peter



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