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Barn Hero’s: From the Horses Mouth

Barn Hero’s: From the Horses Mouth

March 14, 2017 2:03 pm

Gracie’s Blog


I am Grace, a 14 year old Tennessee Walker  mare who was born here at Water Tower Farm. My mom and dad were very talented show horses, but I chose another career and went off to trail riding school after they taught me how to be ridden. I came back to Water Tower Farm a few years later – my new owners wanted to sell their horses and my human mom wanted me back home. Mom also manages the therapeutic riding program here  – it’s called Rhythm of the Rein (pretty catchy, eh?)

One day they needed a bigger horse for a lesson and she asked me if I would help them out. I was more than happy to and I found out I really LIKED working with these riders! I mean I still like my trail rides for sure, but I love being the legs for these folks, so many of them come rolling in on these chairs on wheels, and some push little carts or hold onto sticks when they walk. They don’t scurry around like the other people that clean our stalls or feed us or put us outside. They also love to pet me and feed me goodies. Even though mom really wants them to put them in my feed dish for me to have later, sometimes she will let them give me a little treat out of their hands.

I did get a maternity leave when I had my daughter, Bonnie but it was nice to get back to work after she was weaned.  Bonnie is 6 now and turning into a young lady herself (although sometimes she gets on my nerves – teenagers you know!) Maybe someday she will be mature enough to do this job too, but right now I still have to complain to her dad, Sir , who also lives here that he could do a bit more fatherly parenting. He is a stallion though and his priorities are not so much in parenting mode, so I find myself talking to the humans.  I found one that I can talk to in her dreams – THAT is a lot of fun!  I will keep you guys posted on my adventures…


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